Child Support

Wisconsin, like all states, has implemented child support guidelines pursuant to federal mandates. These guidelines provide a formula for child support based upon income, placement schedule, and other factors. One might reasonably expect this child support formula to put an end to child support-related litigation. But in practice, the guidelines are just the beginning. For example, courts must accurately determine income figures, evaluate earning capacity, exercise discretion in deciding whether to deviate from the guidelines. Child support issues can arise repeatedly within a case as the parties’ circumstances change.

Professionals in the legal system sometimes treat child support issues with contempt. But child support issues often are issues of basic fairness, and can affect the welfare of both parents and the child. The amount of child support can affect the standard of living in both parents’ homes and thereby affect where the child prefers to spend time. Child support is not a side distraction, but an issue that matters.

The attorneys at Wessel, Lehker, & Fumelle have negotiated and litigated child support and related issues for many years and at every level, including the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. They have a deep understanding of the practical application of child support guidelines, the public policy implicated by child support issues, and the interplay between child support and other issues such as placement, maintenance, property division, and payment of medical expenses. Call for a free consultation.