Financial Settlement and Mediation

Every divorce resolves financial issues, including division of property and maintenance (spousal support). When possible, it is preferable for the parties to resolve these issues themselves, rather than leaving them up to the judge to decide. The parties can resolve these issues through direct negotiation, negotiation through counsel, or with the assistance of a mediator. Dane County attorneys are very fortunate to have a mediation service available through which experienced family law attorneys offer a free financial mediation session to divorcing parties.

As you prepare for settlement talks, try to be aware of emotional issues that sometimes sabotage negotiations. For example, one party may have been frustrated throughout the marriage that the other party failed to pay the phone bill, and thus may consider the other party’s payment of the overdue phone bill to be a non-negotiable aspect of a financial settlement. The inability to let go of emotional attachment to issues such as this one can hurt your bottom line, add to your attorney fees, even thwart settlement altogether.